Sky Sounds

Portals to Maar World

The Sky Sounds Card Collection is a revolutionary set of cards that serve as portals to the World of Maar. These enchanted cards unlock a multidimensional experience for their owners, granting them special access to interplanetary music players that allow them to listen to and create music, and download the original tracks, while also discovering the extension of the story associated with each card.


Owners of the Sky Sounds Cards are empowered with a unique license that fosters creativity and collaboration. The license allows non comercial use to card owners to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material they discover and create using their interplanetary music players, in any medium or format, as long as proper attribution is given to the original creator. Moreover, the license permits commercial use, with earnings divided equitably between three parties: 33% for the artist who created the new composition, 33% for the original creator, and 34% for the original regeneration project that is benefiting from the official release. This promotes fair recognition and compensation for all parties involved.”

As owners journey deeper into the world of Maar through their cards and music creations, they uncover hidden storylines and secrets that expand the lore and depth of the Maar World universe. This multidimensional experience of music, storytelling, and creative expression makes the Maar World Card Collection a truly innovative and immersive venture, inviting card owners to unleash their creativity, explore new possibilities, and become active participants in shaping the story of Maar World.



The complete Deck Album consists of 34 cards that are divided into three suits of 11 cards each, along with a special wild card that allows access to any card in the deck.


The initial edition includes 50 ENT decks, available for purchase through various channels such as physical cards on Gumroad, NFT cards on Manifold, or ENT on Gumroad.


Idea Maar
Music Maar
Mix Master I/O Studios - Nicolas Panzl and Diego Rey
ENT web player Programming Maar
Web Design and Development Maar
Card Desing Maar*
Programming Assitance: Vigliensoni
Design Assitance: DALLE 2.
Text Assitance: Chat-GPT3.

*Cards 1 - 12 - 23 made with my brother VR Glitch