How to use

A Planet is a Vinyl + One dimension


As a basic concept, playing an Interplanetary player is playing with a Sphere, think about adding an extra dimension to a vinyl record, and the option to maintain or interchange sound parameters. Each card changes the settings in the X, Y, and Z axes and loop time. Each suit combined represents a track, and each deck is an album. You can add as many layers as your browser can handle, creating a rich and complex sound experience. With endless possibilities for listening, and playing, the Interplanetary Players offer a new level of musical creativity and exploration.

Web Player

Each card number is associated with a unique Interplanetary Player configuration that includes a selected set of transformation parameters. You can play the embedded player or switch to full-screen mode for an immersive experience. Additionally, you can play with multiple cards simultaneously, mixing their sounds to create unique sonic experiences every time.

If you are playing on a iphone mobile device, it’s essential to unmute your device first.


To start and stop the sound, press the PLAY/PAUSE ▶️ button.

The XYZ Reset buttons allow you to reset the parameters to their default position, where all transformations are bypassed. Pressing these three buttons will restore the original composition settings.

Use the XYZ sliders to modify the sound parameters of the card. Simply move the slider to your desired position to adjust the sound.

Spherical symmetry is when an object can be cut into two equal halves regardless of the direction, as long as it passes through the center. Plato considered the sphere to be the most symmetrical and perfect form. He believed the Cosmos and celestial bodies had a spherical shape. Today, physicists believe the cosmological constant is positive, suggesting that the universe may be a fourth-dimensional space-time sphere. Fruits like oranges and some lemons are close to being spherical. Plato’s view of the sphere’s beauty and perfection seems to have some scientific merit even today.