Interplanetary Players

Imagine turning your browser into a turntable from outer space.

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Explore music like never before, allowing you to layer sounds with controls that vary according to the cards you play, creating rich and original sound experiences.


Intuitively remix music, making sound creation accessible and fun for everyone, from professional musicians to those with no prior experience.


We are in the very beginning of this journey, stay connected for more.

Control the Sound:

Please unmute your device and press the PLAY ▶️ button. Adjust the sound by moving the XYZ KNOBS up or down until you like what you hear. If you want to go back to the original sound, press the hexagonal ⬢ buttons to reset the knobs to their equilibrium.

Explore Regenerative Modes:

Experiment with 7 unique modes, creating with real data from exoplanets and their transits and orbits across different time scales. Leave the button pressed to get hints about these parameters.

Innovative Tradition

Innovative Tradition

Discover the different cards effects as if you're adjusting a spaceship's experience.

An Extended Harmony of the Spheres

Harmony of the Spheres

Sync your remix with the movement of the Kepler-47 star system. It's like mixing soundscapes with a touch of stardust, opening a new spectrum of possibilities for jamming with the cosmos.

Unlock new dimensions of the experience.

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