Interplanetary Players

Developing Intelligent Music Tools for the curious

Our mission is to create a network of playful music tools that allow users to take control of their sound in new and exciting ways. One of these tools is the “Interplanetary Players,” and they are designed to be accessible to anyone, whether you’re a professional musician or a complete novice.

Reactivating Auditory Consciousness

At the heart of our approach is the idea that music can be a collaborative and immersive experience. That’s why we are developing a range of tools that allow users to create and remix music in new and unconventional ways. Using different algorithmic approaches, we are creating intelligent music players that will be able to understand and respond to the user’s creative input, even if they’ve never had any musical training.

We aim to reactivate auditory consciousness, allowing people to explore new dimensions of music and sound that they may not have even known existed. With the help of meta-musical instruments, users can play music, soundscapes, and spoken voice that are truly unique, combining analog and digital technologies to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

By connecting people around the world through the power of music and technology, we believe that we can create a new era of music that is more engaging, exciting, and inclusive than ever before. Imagine a world where people from all over the globe can connect and collaborate on new musical projects, breaking down barriers and building new communities through the power of sound.

An entangled system that combines physical and digital Jamming.

To make this vision a reality, we are developing a range of advanced functionalities, including the ability to connect multiple players over the internet. A working Max prototype is designed for playing live music, allowing users to experiment with different sounds and effects in real-time. We are also thinking of new tools that will allow users to create and remix music in even more exciting and unconventional ways.

At Maar World, we are committed to rethinking musical creation and virtual worlds for a new era of music compatible with the Metaverse era. We believe that the future of music will grow in the nibble, collaborative, immersive, and full of endless possibilities. Whether you’re a musician, a fan, or just someone who’s curious about what’s possible, we invite you to join us on this journey of exploration and discovery.