Sky Sounds

ENT Cards for Interplanetary Players.

Interplanety Players.

Help to develop a new paradigm for music distribution, making, and listening .


34% Regeneration

33% Artists

33% Development

Sky Sounds

First Deck Album Release! Collect Cards, Suits or Decks.
Collect one of the 50 Copies.

New and Old

Collect music with a system of phygital cards,
emphasizing the importance of the physical object and the net in the music experience.

Enhanced User Experience

Increased focus on sustainability

By purchasing ENT cards, you're not only adding a rare and unique piece to your collection, but you're also contributing to nature regeneration in the Rio Uruguay.

ENT- Physical & NFT

Our ENT cards come in physical and NFT formats, both with immersive experience and an immutable certificate of authenticity.

Limited editions

Be the first to own our exclusive ENT Cards - with only 50 copies of each card in existence, they're a rare find for any collector. Customize your collection with full decks, suits, or individual cards. Order now to secure your piece of history.

Interactive and Evolutive Art

Part of the artwork depends on a website that's constantly updated by the artist, so you can expect the experience to get even better with time. And because we believe in collaboration and community, our art is open source.