Play music cards with exoplanets πŸ’Œ

Relax and enhance your creativity by remixing music to the rhythm of real exoplanets.

Know the story behind Maar World.

Collect Sky Sounds, the first ENTangled music album.

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Cards are portals to the Interplanetary Players

Designed to be accessible to anyone, whether you’re a professional musician or a complete novice!

Regenerative Music

Interplanetary players now include real exoplanet data from the Kepler Space telescope.

Enhanced User Experience

Increased focus on sustainability

By purchasing ENT cards, you're not only adding a rare and unique piece to your collection, but you're also contributing to nature regeneration in the Rio Uruguay.

ENT- Physical & Digital

Our ENT cards come in physical and digital formats, both with immersive experience and an immutable certificate of authenticity.

Limited editions

First edition, with only 50 copies of each card in existence; they're a rare find. Stay tuned for new albums coming soon.


Collect cards physically or digitally, or both at the same time!

interactive and Evolutive ArT

The artwork experience, constantly updated by the artist, evolves over time, ofering an ever-improving experience. Additionally, if you want to join the journey the code is open source.