Entangled Tokens (ENTs): Building Bridges for Harmonious Worlds


Entangled Tokens (ENTs) exist as physical objects in the real world and as digital data stored on the blockchain. This hybrid existence is interconnected since its creation integrates a system able coexist simultaneously in different parts of the world, enabling the possibility of being co-owners of the artwork. Action in the physical world can affect the digital counterpart and vice versa. If creators choose to, they can share data, aesthetics, form, and more. The important concept is that the ENT is conceived as one and has an original certificate of authenticity linking both worlds. In addition to its features, the ENT is also intended to be associated with a sister project focused on promoting the regeneration of Earth’s biodiversity or enhancing the well-being of a group of inhabitants. By creating a safe and supportive environment for both humans and the planet, the ENT and its associated project aim to facilitate self-healing and foster positive change.

 The Emergence of Hybrid Objects

This idea opens the doors to a new range of creations: multidimensional objects with hybrid existence in both physical and digital worlds. This emergence of hybrid objects and experiences has not been conceived before. The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up a new world of possible creations that can proliferate around the ENT concept, creating a truly hybrid intercorrelated physical and digital worlds.

When an ENT is created, it exists in both the digital and physical worlds until the moment it is sensed in one window, at which point it becomes real in that specific outcome. From static to dynamic forms and anything in between, sharing, combining, and complementing its data in analog and digital formats opens up infinite possibilities of creations inside this logic. We are creating objects that are born at the intersection of two layers of information that are used to be considered separate. ENTs are conceived with an entangled existence and cannot be considered purely physical or digital; they are multidimensional objects.