027_ Maar Sky Sounds.3 Card v


Card V:

A shining mirror, a portal to dimensions beyond, reflecting the mysteries of the multiverse. A gateway to realms unknown, a glimpse into the infinite, a portal to the unknown. A window to the soul, a mirror to the mind, a gateway to the beyond, a reflection of the self. A shining mirror, a bridge between worlds, a connection to the infinite, a journey through the unknown. nwonknu eht hguorht yenruoj a ,etinifni eht ot noitcennoc a ,sdlrow neewteb egdirb a ,rorrim gninihs A .fles eht fo noitcelfer a ,dnoyeb eht ot yawetag a ,dnim eht ot rorrim a ,luos eht ot wodniw A .nwonknu eht ot latrop a ,etinifni eht otni espmilg a ,nwonknu smlaer ot yawetag A .esrevinu eht fo seiretsym eht gnitcelfer ,dnoyeb snoisnemid ot latrop a ,rorrim gninihs A.

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