018_ Maar Sky Sounds.2 Card vii


Card VII:

As you venture forth into the caverns, you'll discover an ethereal world, shrouded in darkness yet illuminated by the sparkle of precious gems and glistening rock formations. At every turn, you'll witness the slow and steady work of water, shaping and carving the rock walls over centuries. You'll witness otherworldly beauty, as light from your torch glimmers off the walls and casts intricate shadows on the ground. Each step forward leads to a new discovery, a new surprise beyond the depths of the last. And as you press on, you may begin to feel as though you've stepped into another world entirely - one where time itself is fluid and the laws of physics don't quite apply. In the depths of these caverns, you'll find features that exist beyond the limits of imagination, a wonderland waiting to be explored by those brave enough to venture forth.

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