013_ Maar Sky Sounds.2 Card ii


Card II:

In the East, intricate dance rituals are used to share emotions and ideas. This land is an appealing place for inter-species oral communication. It is a place where different species come together to share their stories and experiences, learn from one another, and create a sense of community. The natural soundscapes of the East, with their diverse array of animals and plants, provide a rich tapestry of voices that weave together to create a unique and vibrant symphony. It is a place where one can hear the songs of the birds and the whispers of the wind, where the roar of the river and the rustle of leaves come together to form a rich and diverse soundscape. But it is not always perfect, as some species may struggle to communicate, or the natural soundscapes may be disrupted by machines activities. However, the inhabitants of this world work to maintain and preserve this valuable aspect of their land, recognizing the importance of inter-species communication for the well-being of all.

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