009_ Maar Sky Sounds.1 Card ix


Card IX:

In the midst of a fertile, rolling farmland, the portals between dimensions are not only a scientific marvel but also a cultural treasure. These portals are created through the study of water's heat and its role in regulating the climate. The interconnectedness of things and the beauty that lies beyond our physical realm is a fascination. Water is recognized as not just a resource but an essential element of the natural world, shaping the land and the climate and also serving as a gateway to other realms. The signs of the water's movement are read, and the annual cycles of precipitation, ice melt, and water flow are anticipated, using the heat of water and music to unlock portals to other dimensions. Rituals underwater, new ways of listening to music, and new ways of making it can be learned. Preserving natural cycles is understood to be crucial for the preservation of the way of life, the planet's ecological balance, and access to other realms.

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