Maar Sky Sounds.2


Card I:

In the world of Maar, the soundscapes from the East are a reflection of the diverse cultures and traditions that have shaped the land. From the soothing melodies of the rivers to the rhythmic beats of the drums, the sounds of the East are a testament to the rich history and heritage of this region. However, as the land has changed and developed, so too have the soundscapes. The once harmonious melodies have been replaced by the hum of machinery and the drone of traffic, a reminder of the impact of modernization on the natural world. They work to preserve traditional soundscapes and incorporate them into their modern lives, creating a unique blend of the old and the new, and a reminder of the importance of integration.

Card II

In the East, intricate dance rituals are used to share emotions and ideas, an appealing place for inter-species oral communication. It is a place where different species come together to share their stories and experiences, learn from one another, and create a sense of community. The natural soundscapes of the East, with their diverse array of animals and plants, provide a rich tapestry of voices that weave together to create a unique and vibrant symphony. It is a place where one can hear the songs of the birds and the whispers of the wind, where the roar of the river and the rustle of leaves come together to form a rich and diverse soundscape. But it is not always perfect, as some species may struggle to communicate, or the natural soundscapes may be disrupted by machines activities. However, the inhabitants of this world work to maintain and preserve this valuable aspect of their land, recognizing the importance of inter-species communication for the well-being of all.

Card III

Creatures from the sky, with voices as sweet as a songbird's, grace the land of Maar with their presence. They descend from the heavens, singing melodies that echo through the valleys and across the mountains. They are a reminder of the beauty and mystery of the natural world, and their songs are a call to all who hear them to come closer and listen. For the inhabitants of Maar, the creatures from the sky represent a connection to the divine and a connection to the beauty of the natural world. Their songs are a call to action.

Card IV

High up in the clouds, strange birds can be seen riding the wind in groups of six, a phenomenon known as flocking. These creatures possess an almost magical ability to navigate the skies in harmony, their synchronized movements creating a mesmerizing dance. The flocks of birds are an awe-inspiring sight, a reminder of the beauty and mystery of nature. The birds singing and descending to the ground is a ritual that happens every year. The inhabitants of this world look upon these birds with wonder and respect, for they represent the freedom and wildness of the natural world. They are a reminder that there is always something new to discover and that nature is full of surprises. Even though the inhabitants of this world have learned to predict and understand this ritual, they still see it with wonder and gratitude.

Card V

Rainforests pulse with life, a symphony of creatures singing and communicating in a never-ending conversation. The lush greenery serves as a stage for inter-species oral communication, where the songs of birds and insects blend together in a harmonious chorus. It is a land where music is a natural expression of life. The dense canopy overhead shelters an abundance of life, each species playing its own unique role in the symphony of the forest. But beneath the beauty lies a warning, the destruction of these rainforests not only silences the music but also threatens the survival of countless species and the balance of the planet. It's a reminder that to truly listen to the music of the world, is to also hear the cries for preservation and protection.

Card VI

The caves of the islands offer a glimpse into the past, with hidden treasures like ancient artifacts and fossils waiting to be discovered within their walls. These caves are not just geological marvels, but also gateways to the heart of the world, where the boundary between outside and inside dissolves. Venturing into the caves means entering the darkness, not only physically but also mentally. Yet this darkness is essential, reminding us of the importance of silence. In the depths of the world, one can hear the secrets of the land, the flow of water and the echoes of long-extinct creatures. Silence is not just an absence of sound, but a presence of profound understanding. By embracing the darkness and the silence, one can connect with the natural world in a way that transcends the limitations of daylight.

Card VII

As you venture forth into the caverns, you'll discover an ethereal world, shrouded in darkness yet illuminated by the sparkle of precious gems and glistening rock formations. At every turn, you'll witness the slow and steady work of water, shaping and carving the rock walls over centuries. You'll witness otherworldly beauty, as light from your torch glimmers off the walls and casts intricate shadows on the ground. Each step forward leads to a new discovery, a new surprise beyond the depths of the last. And as you press on, you may begin to feel as though you've stepped into another world entirely - one where time itself is fluid and the laws of physics don't quite apply. In the depths of these caverns, you'll find features that exist beyond the limits of imagination, a wonderland waiting to be explored by those brave enough to venture forth.


For some spices, the clouds hold a special significance. They are not just a visual spectacle, but also a physical sensation. To feel the tension in the clouds is to connect with the energy of the sky, to sense the electricity and potential of a coming storm. It is a reminder that the natural world is not just something to be observed, but something to be experienced. To touch the clouds is to connect with the raw power of the sky, to feel the force that shapes the land and the weather. It is to recognize that the natural world is not just something to be appreciated, but also something to be revered, for it holds the power to shape our world and our lives.

Card IX

In the East music is not just a form of expression, but a way of understanding the world. One can feel the rhythm of the land, the beat of the water, and the harmony of the wind. The present exists eternally, and through music, opposites can meet. In this world, one can experience the beauty of dissonance and the power of consonance, the tension and release. Music is not only a way of expressing emotions but also a way of understanding the natural cycles and the laws of physics and chemistry. It's a way of connecting with the world, and understanding the present, the past, and the future. Music is a reminder of the beauty of the present and the power of the eternal. It's a way of understanding that the present is this...

Card X

The connection between sound and the physical environment is understood as a reflection of the present moment. The sounds that reach one's ear are not just background noise, but a manifestation of the state of the environment. The gentle flow of a stream, the crashing of ocean waves, and the songs of birds all hold information about the natural world. By listening attentively, one can gain insight into the present moment and the state of the environment. The sound of the land is not only to be respected and protected, but also to be used as a tool for understanding and connection to the natural world. The beauty and diversity of soundscapes can offer a deeper understanding of the present, the laws of physics and the natural cycles of the environment.

Card XI

Electricity is not just a source of power, but a manifestation of the energy of the suns. It fuels all living things, from the tiniest microbe to the largest tree, and it is the force that drives the natural world. The energy of the suns is not just a physical phenomenon, but also a spiritual one. It is the force that animates all living things, and it is the source of inspiration for music and dance. This energy, known as prana, flows through all living things, sustaining them and giving them life. The inhabitants of this world understand that by tapping into this energy, they can not only light their homes and power their machines, but also nourish their souls and inspire their creativity.